• 2024 June 21
  • KOYORI’s New Collection Showcased at 3daysofdesign
    Thank you to everyone who visited KOYORI exhibition at 3daysofdesign. Surrounded by hundreds of Japanese lanterns, we hope you had an immersive experience and enjoyed the sense of Japanese aesthetics and calmness in the space designed by GamFratesi, along with the new and existing furniture.
  • 2024 June 7
  • Immersive Installation by GamFratesi
    KOYORI once again collaborates with GamFratesi to capture the essence of true Japanese aesthetics in the exhibition design.
    This immersive installation, set within a classical Scandinavian building, seamlessly integrates traditional Japanese crafts with new furniture pieces by GamFratesi and the newly appointed designer Michael Anastassiades, along with existing items designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.
  • 2024 May 17
  • INVITATION: KOYORI at 3daysofdesign
    KOYORI invites you to explore the new collection designed by Michael Anastassiades and GamFratesi.
    Step into an immersive installation where the beauty of Japanese tradition and crafts comes to life. Experience a serene space featuring exquisite designs that combine artistic elegance with practical functionality, offering you a unique journey of tranquility and inspiration.
  • 2024 March 7
    Nei stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity and precision in design. Its structure, though seemingly simple, is adorned with thoughtful details to a level of distinction. At first glance, the Nei table captures attention with its elegant form and striking proportions. However, upon closer inspection, its true allure lies in the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design elements that set it apart.
  • 2024 February 15
    The design of Musubi Armchair emphasizes the beautifully yet efficiently sculptured parts of wood. The backrest, arms, and the seat are all like sculptures, assembled as one in a unique curved shape.
  • 2024 February 8
    The exceptional talent of GamFratesi, combined with their love and respect toward Japanese traditions and craftsmanship, resulted in creating a beautiful armchair that carries a nostalgic feeling yet freshness at the same time. Working with solid wood was a fascinating experience for the duo especially because they were able to work very closely with the workshop for the KOYORI project.
  • 2024 February 2
  • KOYORI Announces New Design Collaboration with Michael Anastassiades
    KOYORI is thrilled to announce a pivotal moment in its design journey with the addition of acclaimed designer Michael Anastassiades to its esteemed team. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step towards redefining design excellence and elevating the KOYORI brand to new heights.
  • 2024 January 25
    The Shaku Chair is not just a piece of furniture; it's a journey through time, a warm, beautiful, and simple chair that seems to narrate the history itself. In Ronan Bouroullec's words, "We have invented something new, but at the same time, it is somewhere linked to history. We are very happy that we could come up with such a design."
  • 2024 January 16
    Mizuhiki serves a dual purpose in Japanese tradition: not only does it secure gift wrappings, but it also conveys the emotions of the giver through its intricate knots. Once tied, the knot symbolizes an unbreakable connection, embodying the profound significance of human relationships and interconnectedness.
  • 2024 January 10
    In 1997, when Ronan Bouroullec first visited Japan, he bought a beautiful book called ‘Yanagi Sori’. The book, which still remains his favorite, introduced him to a piece of furniture designed by Yanagi and crafted by one of KOYORI’s manufacturers.
    The innovative design and the solid structure, coupled with precise manufacturing technology created this elegant and versatile chair.
  • 2023 December 14
  • Recalling KOYORI’s Showcase at 3daysofdesign 2023
    As we approach the end of 2023, we're thrilled to share our vibrant experience at 3daysofdesign through a captivating film capturing the special presentation by the designers. This movie unveils the inception of the KOYORI project and the designers' deep admiration for Japanese craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the exhibition's ambiance, where the fusion of Japanese cultural elements harmonizes with classical Scandinavian architecture.
  • 2023 November 9
  • KOYORI ANECDOTES: mottoi and mizuhiki
    In addition to its role as a sealing tool for letters among aristocrats, the Koyori string has developed into two distinct forms: The first is known as "Mottoi", which is a type of Koyori string used to secure the hair of Sumo wrestlers. The second form is called "Mizuhiki". Mizuhiki is crafted from Koyori strings that are glued and colored. Its origins can be traced back to the Muromachi period (1336-1573) when it emerged as a custom among Bushi soldiers.
  • 2023 October 20
  • NEW VIDEO: KOYORI ONLINE TALK Ronan Bouroullec / GamFratesi

    Watch the conversation of Ronan Bouroullec and GamFratesi with KOYORI's Executive Director, Koda.
    The talk covered their collaboration with KOYORI, their cultural backgrounds, design processes, and even touched on their favorite designers throughout their careers.
  • 2023 October 6
  • INVITATION: KOYORI ONLINE TALK Ronan Bouroullec / GamFratesi

    We cordially invite you to an online live talking session featuring Ronan Bouroullec and GamFratesi, titled 'KOYORI ONLINE TALK.' The talk session will be joined by Koda, Executive Director of KOYORI, and will explore the stories behind their designs for KOYORI's new products, their design philosophies, cultural backgrounds, and more. Please join us by registering using the link below.

    October 12 (THU) 10am CEST, 17pm JST

    English (simultaneous translation to Japanese will be provided.)

  • 2023 October 4
    The charm of the Usurai table lies in its combination of simplicity and exquisite details, supported by a blend of masterful craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing techniques. Throughout the production process, it was referred to as the "simple table" due to its remarkable qualities of simplicity, versatility, and multifunctionality.
  • 2023 September 21
    KOYORI’s brand name was named after a Japanese word meaning 'twisted paper cords' and is the main material of Mizuhiki, the durable and decorative paper strings traditionally used in Japan for wrapping gifts, especially on festive and ceremonial occasions. We are going to delve into the history behind “Koyori” and "Mizuhiki" in forthcoming chapters of the KOYORI ANECDOTES.
  • 2023 August 22
    The Miau series started with armchairs which conceptualize a sculptural object made of solid wood, and the aim was to create something that feels incredibly pleasant to the touch. The table has a vigorous feeling appreciating fully the tactility of solid wood compared to the slim and sleek chair, however, sharing the same typology being contemporary. In addition, the sense of comfort and peacefulness when you touch the furniture can very well be equated with the experience and feeling you get when you gently caress a cat, as the name “Miau” symbolizes.
  • 2023 July 26
  • THE MOVIE: KOYORI at 3daysofdesign
    We are pleased to share with you our splendid memory of 3daysofdesign with a movie that includes the special presentation done by both designers. The movie discloses how the KOYORI project started and their appreciation and respect to Japanese craftsmanship. Please also enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition, where Japanese cultural elements blend in with classical Scandinavian architecture.
  • 2023 July 14
  • Openhouse
    3 Days of Design 2023 Happy Creativity
  • 2023 July 5
    Copenaghen: ecco perché è la nuova capitale del design