Edaha Chair by GamFratesi

Edaha Chair, which was only showcased as a prototype at the launch in 2022, has since come a long way to become a final product and is now finally ready to be launched.

Edaha is composed mostly of curves and curved surfaces and has almost no horizontal, vertical, or parallel parts, making it difficult to process and takes a long time to create. After a continuing process of trial and error and producing about 20 testing prototypes in different specifications and sizes, the manufacturer had a passion to go on as they cherished the designs and impressions that fascinated them in the first presentation.

The front and rear legs are three-dimensional curved surfaces, and the thickness is also changed by a technique called unequal thickness molding. The uneven thickness of the legs is unique to the manufacturer and supports Edaha's delicate impression. Another subtle yet striking characteristic is the matched wood grain of the two separate back seats which are carefully made symmetrical and neat.

It is a truly unique chair with a distinctive design, made possible only through technical capabilities at the highest gear.

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