2023 August 22

Miau Table


The Miau series started with armchairs which conceptualize a sculptural object made of solid wood, and the aim was to create something that feels incredibly pleasant to the touch. The table has a vigorous feeling appreciating fully the tactility of solid wood compared to the slim and sleek chair, however, sharing the same typology being contemporary. In addition, the sense of comfort and peacefulness when you touch the furniture can very well be equated with the experience and feeling you get when you gently caress a cat, as the name “Miau” symbolizes.

"We have designed the table for the Miau chair, with some of the beautiful craftsmanship and detail that goes from the legs. We like the contrast between the very thin structure of the chair and the much more solid and massiveness of the table. We think the two elements are working extremely well," says GamFratesi.

The Miau table exudes a profound sense of solidity, utilizing the natural beauty of solid wood, while elegantly juxtaposing with the delicate Miau armchair to create a stunning visual contrast.

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