Terms of Use | 2D & 3D data

These terms of use apply to the 2D & 3D data (hereinafter referred to as "data") provided by KOYORI (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). By using these services, you automatically agree to the terms of use described here. The terms of use are subject to change without prior notice.
Data we provide includes the following.

2D data: DXF / 3D data: 3DS, DWG

  1. Our company is the owner of the copyrights and all other rights related to this data.
  2. This data may not reflect the exact specifications of our products. Also, any figures obtained from any parts of this data you have downloaded may not match the specifications of the actual products.
  3. We provide this data in order to help our customers review their design plans that involve our products, provide our customers with the information they need, and make site installation checks more efficient. The user may only use this data within the scope of use described above (hereinafter referred to as "scope of use").
  4. Creation of reproductions or imitations based on this data or any similar use of this data outside the scope of use described above is strictly prohibited. Be sure to delete any parts of this data you have downloaded after use.
  5. This data may only be used by the user. The user may not allow a third party to use this data and may not lend or transfer this data to a third party.
  6. If our company should suffer any damage due to a violation of the rules regarding the scope of use of this data, our company may hold the user responsible for damage compensation.
  7. In order to improve our products, we may change their specifications or other characteristics without notice. This may result in some discrepancies between this data and currently available products.
  8. Our company cannot be held liable for any damage the user may suffer due to the use of this data and cannot provide any compensation for the damage, regardless of the reason.
  9. For any inquiries about the products included in the data, please contact us via "Contact us" page.

June 2022